A glossary of terms unique to the “Dungeons & Dupp” campaign setting.

count/countess: The leader of a county.

county: A major subdivision of a duchy.

death-touched: A state where a creature takes on undead traits despite being alive after being charged with necrotic energy. The resulting “death-touched” creature typically is stronger and more resilient than its base form and its alignment is now Chaotic Evil.

duchy: The largest political subdivision for many Absolamian duchies.

high-reeve: The leader of a shire.

region: A political subdivision for an Absolamian duchy; usually reserved for large swaths of wilderness that have too sparse populations or lack a central authoritative body. Regions are usually the domain of a duke/duchess or are awarded to a noble directly beneath a duke/duchess.

shire: The largest political subdivision of the duchy of Kendervale.

viscount: A median noble title peculiar to Altaria and Salusa.


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