Tag: ally


  • Umlatt Bernstein

    A retired adventurer, inheriting the position of governor of [[Aulbrooke]] (which he prefers to sylize as "mayor") from his father. After spending most of his adult life as a mercenary, he has a rounded world view and understands that ideals aren't enough …

  • Pitfall

    Pitfall is the village elder of the Sootscale kobold tribe. He is an important figure in the Sootscale community as its High Druid and as the father of the last chief and grandfather to the current chief, Springer.

  • Latch

    Latch is a prominent member of the Sootscales tribe, carrying the distinguished title of "trapmaster". Following the party's adventure at Sootscale Mountain, Latch accompanied them to make arrangements for the purchase/repair of the iron gate that secured …

  • Tripwire

    Along with Latch, Tripwire allied himself with the party after they showed that they were able to defeat the necrotic Marrowsnapper warriors. He also carries the title of "trapmaster".