Umlatt Bernstein

Mayor of Aulbrooke


A retired adventurer, inheriting the position of governor of Aulbrooke (which he prefers to sylize as “mayor”) from his father. After spending most of his adult life as a mercenary, he has a rounded world view and understands that ideals aren’t enough. He is compassionate towards his citizens and defensive of his city, however he is contemptuous of the politics of both the duchy and the kingdom, as his title and duty often means that he and his city are left to fend for themselves.

Within the military structure of the Kingdom of Absolamia, Umlatt is ranked as a brigadier; subordinate to the generals appointed by the Duke and the King. Within the sphere of Aulbrooke and the burough of Dawnway Heights, Umlatt is the chief commander of four distinct military/policing organisations: the Wide Patrol (the 57th Legion), the Dawnwatch (the 58th Legion), the Aulbrooke City Guard and the Dawnway Heights Militia.

At 51, Umlatt is unmarried and his only family encountered so far is the owner of the Green Man Inn, and his niece Marjorie.

Umlatt Bernstein

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